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About Me

That's me, 5 hours into my first ultra marathon. Still running, still smiling and still wondering what on earth I'm doing in the middle of the woods, planning to run for at least another hour.

(Some how I managed to win that race.)

Running in the middle of the woods sums up pretty much what I do on a day to day basis. I'm a trail runner and road cyclist and I'm a city career girl turned rural stay-at-home mom. Four years ago my family and I traded Starbucks and the suburbs for a simpler life in a 900 sq. ft. cabin in Ontario's cottage country. My husband and I parent two adorable kiddos, 4 year old Gilly and 7 year old Newt, who both keep me on my toes and pushing myself to be the most awesome and inspiring parent I can be. That is when I'm not hiding from them in the middle of the woods, training for my next trail race.

You'll also need to know that I'm a noisy advocate for breastfeeding, cloth diapers, barefoot running and despite blogging since 2005, my closest brush with sponsorship fame has been an interview with the Poise Fairy about light bladder leakage. So any gear reviews you find here have been funded by me (but I'm happy to give any product or topic my best shot).

I am also a freelance marketer and writer, scratch baker and blogger for Today's Parent as their Run-at-home mom, where you'll find me sharing the ups and downs about life as an endurance athlete and stay-at-home mom.


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