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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dark thoughts from a stay-at-home mom

To put it bluntly, the last month has sucked. The chaos and noise of raising two kids, the (self-imposed) pressure to keep a clean house, running and cycling training and the overwhelming feeling like I really screwed up by quitting my city job to move to the county all landed at the same time. To call myself a jerk-face is polite.

So I blogged about it for Today's Parent, where I'm their Run-at-home mom. The response I got was so overwhelmingly wonderful. I love my readers and how they all circled the wagons to let me know that I'm not alone in resenting leaving the workforce, and yes, this stay-at-home mom gig DOES get better.

If being a SAHM is so great, why am I unhappy? | Today's Parent:

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About Jen Pinarski

Jen is a mother, freelance writer, runner and cyclist based in Ontario. She is a popular blogger with Today's Parent, where she shares the challenges and triumphs of being a stay-at-home mom. Find her on Twitter.


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