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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fitter, fatter, funner: V2.0

RoadID rocks. Not only is it a brilliant product, but they proudly sponsored the Try a Trail Series and the St. Malo Multisport, events that are important to me. If you or your training partner don't have one, you need get one. If you place your order today they guarantee that it will be delivered by Christmas (only $1.49 shipping). Plus for every $20 you spend from now until December 25, you are entered to win an Orbea bike plus other cool prizes. Sadly, only my American friends can enter the contest.
Tomorrow we're hosting Newt's 3rd birthday. For week's Newt has been excited about the Spiderman cupcakes I've promised to make him (I'm a huge cupcake fan). Until last night that was still the plan until my husband said that as a birthday purist, cupcakes simply won't do. The boy needs a cake. Like a good son, Newt agreed with his daddy. Spiderman cupcakes have been abandoned and this is the cake that is on the wish list.

While my cake will not look anything like this (because fondant tastes gross and buttercream rules) I am pulling my inspiration from the design. The cake and aftermath pictures will be posted tomorrow.

I can't take full credit for this one. I was tipped off to IcebergRadio by a friend. Between the bluegrass station and their kick-ass Christmas lineup, it's all I've been listening to. My new Christmas favourites: Regis Philben's (yes, that Regis) Marshmallow World and the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack.

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Michelle said...

We're celebrating Dante's 4th b-day tomorrow, and he chose Spiderman plates/cups, but he's going easy on me and asked for a bunny cake - I was so relieved. I agree with you that buttercream is WAY better than fondant - you can't get quite as creative with it, but it tastes a hundred times better! Have fun!!!

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