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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Operation: Pregnant lady running tights

Operation: buy running tights for the pregnant lady failed on Monday night. Not for lack of trying, but my two incredibly cute offspring made it uncomfortable:

Newt beachcombing in Maui

The fetus' left foot from Monday's ultrasound.

Newt would try and sneak out under the change room door while my pants were off. And even though the fetus is only 20 weeks and 5 days and 12oz, it has made itself quite a large home in my uterus and bending over to put on said pants was a workout in itself. I left the store empty handed, but ordered a pair of fleece lined running tights from Fit Maternity that will take care of the cold weather running. Following Michelle's and MG's and Sarah's and Tamara's and Ms. Caddywumpus' advice, I decided to spend money on the things that will help make this pregnancy fit and healthy for me.

I just need an inbetween pair to get me through the next few weeks. At this point I'm not even being picky, but with a 29" inseam and a belly circumference of about the same, it is slim pickings out there. I do have a deadline though: Ms. Caddywumpus is in town this weekend and we're heading out for a 16K or 17K or however far we get in 90 minutes and she's insisted that I wear pants.

Spoil sport.

About Jen Pinarski

Jen is a mother, freelance writer, runner and cyclist based in Ontario. She is a popular blogger with Today's Parent, where she shares the challenges and triumphs of being a stay-at-home mom. Find her on Twitter.


Michelle said...

I know what you mean about bending over to put your pants on - I am having serious difficulties tying my shoes already, and I still have 13 weeks to go! Glad you found a pair of tights - Fit Maternity has some nice stuff!

Morgan said...

LOL! I love reading about your running while pregnant stories! Good luck on the pants and have fun on the run!

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